Show cancelled (sorry!)

So, we were supposed to play with our friends Mindfish and That Saturday on Feb. 24th, however we are unable to do it. Between sickness, gear falling apart, no bassist, and preproduction for the album,  we just had to cancel. It’s something we hate doing but it had to happen.

However, we will be prepared for our set in April at Red Line Tap for the CAKE Chicago set in April. We are planning on showcasing 3-4 songs off the upcoming album, should be fun. 

In the next couple of weeks expect some video of a song/interview via, some audio of rough demos, and hopefully a video declaring the set up of our Youtube account. Here’s a screen shot of how many demos we already have of some of the new stuff. My digital recorder has been working overtime as you can see:  


As usual, get our last album for FREE/ANY COST here: 

alla prossima, 



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